Student Guide

Work Hard, Earn Points, and Track Your Progress

What devices can i use to get liveschool?

You can download LiveSchool onto your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone - just search for “LiveSchool” in the app store. You can also use LiveSchool on a laptop or PC.

How can I get more points?

Ask your teachers for feedback on how you can earn more points. Be sure to wait to ask until an appropriate time like after class!

I see data in LiveSchool that isn’t right. what can i do?

Ask a teacher to double-check the information. Be sure to ask nicely and provide details on why you believe it isn’t correct.

i want to learn to program an app like liveschool. how can i learn?

With lots of practice, you can learn how to program your own apps. If you want to start learning how to program, visit!

What is LiveSchool?

LiveSchool is an award-winning app that helps make your school more fun and fair. You receive points based on your behavior, which help you earn rewards. LiveSchool also helps your teachers communicate with your parents so they know how you are doing in school.

What can i see in the liveschool app?

You can see bank account, a timeline of points and comments from all your teachers, and a listing of the rewards that you can buy. Stay tuned – we'll be adding more this year!

Can other students see my behavior?

Only you, your parents, and your teachers can view your behavior in the LiveSchool app. Be sure to keep your password safe so that other students can’t log in to see your points.

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