Darby Junior High

A year into their PBS implementation, Darby knew they needed a better way to track all their behavior data. Today, LiveSchool is used across the building to track behavior points and rewards, communicate with parents, track referrals, and manage the school store.

School Stats

7–9Grades Served
3,750Pre-LiveSchoOL ODRs
1,125Year 2 ODRs

Challenged with high discipline numbers and classroom behavior issues, the school revolutionized their approach to classroom behavior. Today, they use LiveSchool to track it all.

At a staff meeting, Darby’s team discussed the challenge of student behavior and classroom disruptions. When they began learning about PBS and a blueprint for making the changes, a light bulb went off. 

A success story

We had a student who was having persistent issues with a specific teacher. Now, the student and teacher are best friends because we acted.

The student was constantly disrupting class, and we were able to figure out that there were issues at home. After getting the extra attention he needed, his behavior completely turned around. That enabled the student to begin succeeding academically – in fact, the teacher recently gave him 100 LiveSchool points for his complete turnaround in the class.

Over the year, the school implemented universal behavior expectations, school-wide positive acknowledgement, and a clear system for handling minor and major behaviors. But they were faced with a new problem. 

How could they keep track of all of the necessary classroom behavior data?

LiveSchool was the tool that made these improvements sustainable for the long term. It provided the entire school with a shared system to award behavior points, document referrals, and communicate with parents. 

Before, teachers would have to juggle multiple systems and trackers, and administrators did not have the behavior data they needed to be effective. Today, the school has gone virtually paperless and everyone has real-time access to information.

As principal, I can look to see who’s putting in data. We like to make sure all of our teachers are “showing the love” to the kids – if they aren’t, I can check in and show the love to my teachers to encourage them to meet expectations.

Dr. Darren McKinney

Six ways Darby uses LiveSchool to manage its PBIS program


Our teachers have a single system for positive and negative behavior. That means less teacher frustration and more energy going towards students.


Parent communication is consistent and focuses on the positives. Teachers don’t need to do extra work to communicate behavior information to the home.


Office referrals run like a well-oiled machine for teachers and administrators. Everything is documented consistently, making everyone more informed.


Positive reinforcement is provided consistently across the school. Any teacher can award positive behavior points to any student in the building.


Data to ensure teachers are reaching positive reinforcement goals. Administrators can use data to see which teachers need additional feedback.


School store is easy to manage for staff and engaging for students. Instead of paper behavior bucks and tickets, everything is digital and real time.

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